Based on its proprietary antibody technology platforms (H3 antibody technology, Synergistic Antibody technology [SynAbTM]), BSI is committed to the development ...

+MOREPrecision Therapeutics

Biosynergics values quality and efficiency in all of its services. With more than over 100 cases of antibody development services to pharmaceutical businesses a...

+MOREPrecision Diagnostics

With our Synergistic Antibody technology platform and world-class antibody research and development background, we are dedicated to providing our customers with...

Company News

June 14th – 16th, Biosynergics Inc. will attend the 2rd Annual Meeting of New Drug Founders Club held in Suzhou, welcome to visit us at our presentat...


New Products

【NEW!】Mouse anti-Human HER2/ErbB2 Monoclonal Antibody

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